Family Art Activities with the Nasher Sculpture Center

Sat, Feb 7 - at The Dallas Morning News Reading & Games Room

Meet in the Reading Room for a fun activity with the Nasher Sculpture Center!


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Saturday, November 1

Create A Card
Inspired by the Heatherwick exhibition we will create cards to share with someone that you appreciate.

Saturday, October 4

Heatherwick Hats
Twist, tape, curl, cut, stack and staple to create hats inspired by the Heatherwick exhibition!

Saturday, September 6

New Kids with Blocks
The Nasher Sculpture Center is excited about the upcoming architecture exhibition Provocations: The Architecture and Design of the Heatherwick Studio. In preparation we are testing out our building skills. Step by step we will be creating buildings that rock. Kids you got the right stuff!

Saturday, August 2:

Fantastic Fans
Design your own functional fan to keep cool as you explore the Arts District.

Saturday, July 5:

Mini Me Portraits
Make a small-scale version of yourself. Ask a family member or a friend what details you should include to show that it’s you. What adventures will you and your mini-me have this summer?

Saturday, June 7:

Drive Thru Museum Block Challenges
Challenge your creativity as we design a block city inspired by artist Bettina Pousttchi’s Drive Thru Museum at the Nasher Sculpture Center.