Family Art Activities with the Nasher Sculpture Center

Sat, Sep 5 - at The Dallas Morning News Reading & Games Room

Meet in the Reading Room for a fun activity with the Nasher Sculpture Center!


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Saturday, September 5
Portraits @ the Park
Inspired by Nasher Collection Artist Diego Giacometti create a portrait that plays with proportions. Proportions are how large or small something is in relation to the other parts. You could have a small head and a large body or a large head and a small body. Now it’s your turn. What type of portrait will you make?

Saturday, August 1
Barlow Banners
Create a banner inspired by the work of Phyllida Barlow. Your banner can be bright, have patterns and shapes or share a happy message.

Saturday, June 6
Super-Sized Sculpture
What if you created a super tall sculpture with crazy long legs? What would it look like? Where would you place your work? How would people move around and inside it? Inspired by artist Phyllida Barlow create a super-sized sculpture.

Saturday, May 2
Artist David Smith created an imaginative landscape out of everyday materials. He used found objects like a saw blade and simple shapes to create the Forrest. Create your own tree and a creature that dwells inside it.

Saturday, April 4

Pop-up Portrait
In the sculpture Head of a Woman the artist, Pablo Picasso, helps us see space in a new way. We can see multiple perspectives of the face at the same time. Some of the features are flat (like the eyes) and others extend into space (the hair and the profile).

Now it’s your turn! Create a portrait that pops-up in to space.

Saturday, February 7

Art for All
"See, I think the idea of public art is very important - art related to architecture and making life better for living" - Melvin Edwards

At the Nasher Sculpture Center, you can see the work of Melvin Edwards. Edwards designed sculptures for schools and other public spaces. Create a sculpture for a public space and consider where you would want it to be displayed. Would it move, what color would it be? Then, stop by the museum to see Melvin Edward's models and drawings. 

Saturday, November 1

Create A Card
Inspired by the Heatherwick exhibition we will create cards to share with someone that you appreciate.

Saturday, October 4

Heatherwick Hats
Twist, tape, curl, cut, stack and staple to create hats inspired by the Heatherwick exhibition!

Saturday, September 6

New Kids with Blocks
The Nasher Sculpture Center is excited about the upcoming architecture exhibition Provocations: The Architecture and Design of the Heatherwick Studio. In preparation we are testing out our building skills. Step by step we will be creating buildings that rock. Kids you got the right stuff!

Saturday, August 2:

Fantastic Fans
Design your own functional fan to keep cool as you explore the Arts District.

Saturday, July 5:

Mini Me Portraits
Make a small-scale version of yourself. Ask a family member or a friend what details you should include to show that it’s you. What adventures will you and your mini-me have this summer?

Saturday, June 7:

Drive Thru Museum Block Challenges
Challenge your creativity as we design a block city inspired by artist Bettina Pousttchi’s Drive Thru Museum at the Nasher Sculpture Center.