Mindfulness Meditation

at Ginsburg Family Great Lawn

Focus on relaxation, breath and intentional present moment awareness during this 20 minute session

Classes at Klyde Warren Park
A :20 mindfulness class that includes 5 minutes of brain health learning and 15 minutes of applied mindfulness practice that research shows improve brain health. This practice will focus on relaxation, breath and intentional present moment awareness.

Dallas is home to a first-of-it’s-kind brain health gym, Mastermind, which is teaching and supporting the practice of mindful meditation. Studies report that mindfulness supports well-being and overall health, and mindfulness has been shown to reduce stress, improve focus, memory, and decision-making, and boost overall brain health.
Structured like most specialty gyms, Mastermind offers a full schedule of regular mindfulness classes on numerous topics, including Relax, Focus, Memory and Gratitude. There’s even a Gut & Grit class, based on the resiliency research of Dr. Angela Duckworth, which was documented in the New York Times best-seller, Grit.
Mindfulness classes are 30 minutes in length. Each class contains a learning intro with brain health information, and then a Mastermind-trained instructor leads the meditation with thought exercises, body scans, breath work, and other guidance. Students may choose their own seating – a standard chair, a back-supported floor chair or a cushion. It doesn’t matter what you are wearing, making it easy to fit in a class before or after work, or during a lunch break. Mastermind also offers regular workshops in their studio – to see a full schedule, click here.