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Tools for Teachers

The entire park is a colossal learning lab for all disciplines, and the goal of this curriculum is to aid educators in providing fun, and truly educational experiences for their students when visiting Klyde Warren Park.

The curriculum is written to ensure the learning that occurs in the park transfers back to the classroom and beyond. Each lesson begins with a pre tour section that gives the instructor ideas and lessons to review prior to their trip. Next is the lesson for the tour visit. These activities will build upon the pre tour lessons so that the students can make connections in the real world to classroom learning. Lastly, there is a post tour section. This portion of the curriculum builds upon all of the prior lessons and activities and culminates in a project based on information and experiences at the park.

Our hope is that by providing free access to TEKS-aligned curriculum, students and teachers will see the park not only as a place to play, but also as a place to learn. We invite teachers to use the park as their outdoor classroom for students to exercise creativity and explore their community.

Download the Teacher's Curriculum (pdf)