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Tom Leppert: Dallas' strong foundation of 'can do' spirit

by Dallas Morning News - Tom Leppert

Tom Leppert included The Park in his New Year's Eve article about Dallas's bright future.  

...can-do spirit...

Mayor Tom Leppert

The coming of a new year and moving into a new decade provides an opportunity to reflect on where we have been and what lies ahead. In the face of this economy, Dallas has moved forward like no other city, and we have laid the foundation for even more progress in the decade ahead. The "can-do spirit," that belief in tomorrow, is again alive in Dallas. In fact, I believe at the next decade change, in 2020, people here will look back on this period as a historic point in our city's timeline that reshaped our image in a positive way, putting Big D on a world stage...The Woodall Rogers Park will bridge a freeway and create a public commons for all of North Texas. To many, this was a pipe dream. But engineering and financial challenges are being met. The dirt is moving. Again, the Big D visionaries prevailed.

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