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Get to know the Dallas skyline with Greg Brown

Lauren Smart

Greg Brown, Program Director at the Dallas Center for Architecture, loves the Dallas skyline and he knows a lot about it! Every Monday at 12:30, Thursday at 5:30 and Saturday at 2:30, he gives a Skyline 360 tour from the park. He'll tell you the names of the buildings and share some architectural knowledge, but don't ask him to name his favorite building! Communications Specialist Lauren Smart chatted with him about what you can expect if you tag along on one of his free tours in the park! 


LS: Without giving away the tour itself what will a park visitor learn on the Skyline 360 tour?

GB: "A quick look at how architecture has developed in Dallas from its earliest days to today.  What industries helped build our city? What architectural styles have been popular? What famous architects have contributed to our skyline?" 

LS: Is a "tour" the best way to describe what happens? 

GB: "There is very little walking involved.  We look at both downtown and uptown from three different vantage points."


LS: Where did the idea for this tour come from? 

GB: "We already have our walking tours we do every Saturday, but had noticed that there was a great view of the skyline from our location adjacent to the park construction.  So where better to stand for a 360 degree view of both downtown AND uptown?"


LS: How does Dallas's skyline measure up in comparison to other major cities?

GB: "Cities’ skyline develop as a reflection of their cultural and economic history.  Many of the buildings we recognize as iconic in the skyline come from our building boom of 1978-1987.  Each city has a different story to tell and its reflected in their skyline."


LS: What's your favorite building in Dallas? 

GB: "I never answer that question….beauty is in the eye of the beholder and we want everyone to have their own opinions."


LS: On your tours thus far, what building have visitors been most interested in?

GB:  "They are used to seeing our skyscrapers, but one that has drawn new attention is the Cumberland Hill School from 1889.  Come on the tour and learn more about it!"


LS: Are there other programs in the park that you've participated in?

GB: "In two weekends, we’ve had almost 1,000 kids and parents help us Build Your City!  Lots of fun…"





Photo by Craig D Blackmon faia 

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