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Klyde Warren Park Socalizes on the Internet

by Lauren Smart

It's not quite time to lace up your shoes and meet your friends at the park, but this weekend does mark the beginning of the 10 week countdown to the grand opening! We will be hosting a celebration October 27-28, the details of which will be announced soon!

As we prepare for all the exciting things that will be happening at the Park, we've begun to increase our online presence. If you are on FacebookTwitter or Pinterest, we'd love to connect with you. 

We're posting information about happenings in our neighborhood (Have you seen Chicago at the Winspear Opera House yet? or climbed through the Ernesto Neto exhibit at the Nasher Sculpture Center?). And we're making pin boards of the 322 trees that will be in the park and of cute puppies, in honor of the dog park.

So be sure to "like," "tweet" and "pin" along with us. We'd love to hear what you're looking forward to!

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