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Donate to Klyde Warren Park today

Lauren Smart

From its conception, the park over the freeway was going to be different. The city couldn't pay to build all of it, so private citizens began spending their time raising millions of dollars to construct a world class park from thin air. Because nothing like it had ever been done before, it would take some of the world's top engineers and designers to make sure the park was built well. All the while, there had to be an organizations to manage the process, which is why the Woodall Rodgers Park Foundation was formed.

While bridge and landscaping experts worked on what the park would look like, another group at the Foundation began to plan how the park would be used. This park would need to be clean, safe, and active. A private security company was hired to patrol the park 24/7, maintenance staff was hired to keep the park clean during operating hours (6 am - 11 pm) and taking a note from parks in the northeast, the park would be fully programmed. The staff wanted fitness classes, educational activities for kids, live music, a reading room with daily newspapers and monthly magazines, games like chess and badminton. And everything would be free! 

Unlike the park, these amenities couldn't come out of thin air. Although many generous donations are made to the park, in the likes of books or yoga mats, the Foundation pays for the grass you walk on, the chairs you sit in and so much more. And everyday, it's all in the park for free. 

We will never ask you to pay for it. But today, if you'd like to show your support for the efforts the Woodall Rodgers Park Foundation makes to keep Klyde Warren Park clean, safe and fun for everyone, consider donating through North Texas Giving Day. Through midnight, all gifts of $25 will be multiplied by Communities Foundation of Texas. But if you can only give $5, that helps too. The link to give is here: https://www.donorbridgetx.org/npo/870741150/

See you in the park!



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