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Fall Colors at the Park

Chris Carpenter, Southern Botanical, Inc.

Fall is in the air and the anticipation of cooler temperatures has the community excited.  A renewed energy has appeared in the plants for their final act of the year and subtle changes feed this as you move through the park.  There are both perennials and annuals scattered throughout that add color and excitement to the changing season.

The fall color change has been completed, some perennials are blooming, and others are beginning to fade out.  The impending transition and nature’s awareness of the approaching winter gives visitors the opportunity to see an assortment of plants that can be used to dress up their gardens for fall or begin dreaming of spring.

The annual planting beds and pots near the entrances and along the donor wall have been created with a diverse plant pallet which includes Snapdragons, Crotons, Ornamental Black Pearl Peppers, Dianthus, and Alyssum.  All of these provide a pleasant and fresh appearance for the park, but one needs to make sure to stop and smell the sweet aroma of the Alyssum as it fills the air around the beds.

Yellows and dark purple fill areas of the beds on the East side of the park thanks to the thriving native Black-Eyed Susan and the Russian Sage.   White from the Blackfoot daisies and the remaining blooms on the Red Yuccas add to display.  Widely used in perennial gardens throughout the area, these plants are proven to be reliable producers of color from spring to first frost.

Regardless of preference, annual or perennial, there is something for everyone to see and enjoy throughout this Autumnal season.

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