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Heard Around the Park: Meet Mike, a Yoga in the Park Regular

Klyde Warren Park

Ever wonder about the stories heard around the park? Every day new memories are made in this vibrant central location that knits the urban fabric and families together through energetic and illustrious activities.

Each week leading up to North Texas Giving Day, we’ll share a new story from people whose lives have been influenced by the park and hear why you should “heart” the park, too.

This week, meet Mike, one of our many park regulars. He’s a bike enthusiast and yogi – one of 171 yogis on average who attend each Yoga in the Park class. Hear as he tells why he loves the park and all it has to offer.

How often do you visit the park?

I ride my bike to the park each weekend down the Katy or Santa Fe Trail. Sometimes I attend Saturday’s yoga class with the Dallas Yoga Center and other times I attend Sunday’s class with Exhale Dallas.

What do you love about Yoga in the Park?

Yoga in the park has led to closer bonds with friends and meeting different people like the Skyline High School football team, a woman working here from Germany, a military vet, park staff, and many more.

What other activities do you enjoy in the park?

I have also attended special events like ‘Til Midnight at the Nasher and Arts District block parties, Winspear Opera simulcasts, Texas-OU weekend football simulcast, and Aurora - the light, video and sound art event.

The wild flower garden is beautiful. A friend of mine brings her kids from Ft Worth to enjoy the Children’s Park.

Frequently, the park is a jumping off point to enjoying nearby restaurants, museums or other events like art or car shows in Deep Ellum.

What’s a park memory you’d like to share?

Once as I rode to the park, I noticed my front tire was low and as I arrived at Klyde Warren Park, I found the park’s Guest Services Coordinator, Demi. I asked if she knew of a nearby gas station to help my flattening tire. Demi offered access to an air pump. I joked with her, “Thanks for the rescue effort to 'airlift' me out of the park!" 

Why should visitors consider supporting the park?

I see Klyde Warren Park as the rug that ties the city together. Business and residential, work and play, effort and relaxation, artists and athletes, young and old - from any part of town. Truly an asset to the city.

Klyde Warren Park is dedicated to enriching the lives of park patrons, bridging the surrounding neighborhoods and the region's multitude of cultures and remaining active through free programming and educational opportunities each year.

To show your support, consider a donation to the park on North Texas Giving Day. During North Texas Giving Day, we are gearing up to raise $20,000 to match with long-time supporter and food truck enthusiast Jon Wagner’s gift.

Donate at NorthTexasGivingDay.org between Thursday, September 7 and Thursday, September 14 to double the impact of our $20,000 matching gift and increase the fun as we explore new ways to enjoy the exclusive opportunities that the park has to offer.

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