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French Flo

David Lee

Florence Chauvet says she’s living the American Dream bringing some French flavor to Texas.

As the owner of Chez Flo, one of Klyde Warren Park’s weekend food trucks, Florence (“Flo”) shares her passion and talent for crafting authentic French cuisine, including her famous crepes made with buckwheat flour, just like in France.

She would know. Born and raised in West France, Flo was immersed in the food and restaurant business as a teenager. She enrolled in culinary school by age 16.

Flo found her way to Dallas and eventually became Executive Sous Chef at the Dallas Convention Center for Centerplate. Not long after, she got the idea to start the Chez Flo food truck. It’s been serving Klyde Warren Park visitors for two years.

The carte du jour during the spring is the chicken, artichoke and pesto crepe. “It’s refreshing with this weather,” she says. On the sweet side, the strawberry shortcake crepe is at the top of most people’s list. There’s also a Nutella crepe with your choice of strawberry or banana. Snickerdoodle, Lemon Sugar and S’mores are a few other options.

French Ham & Cheese is the must-have on the sandwich menu. The Destroyer packs in bacon-wrapped sausage, caramelized onions, roasted tomato with a zing of chipotle mayo on a baguette. Be sure to add a side of House Made Pomme Frites (French for “French fries” for us Texans), and sprinkle on some garlic parmesan.

A visit to Chez Flo is an experience beyond authentic French cuisine. One Flo’s favorite things about being part of the Klyde Warren Park atmosphere is the opportunity to chat with customers and teach them about French food. “I want people to be at the window talking to the customers,” she says. “It’s very rewarding for me. We cannot forget what service is about.”

Being in Texas, Flo says most people usually go for a staple like barbecue. But she focuses on customer service to set Chez Flo apart. Since the park and the Dallas Arts District attract people from all over the country and different parts of the world, Flo has learned to say “Hello” in many languages. She loves having one-on-one conversations with customers, learning about their stories and where they’re from. The concerts and on-going events at the park bring a mix of culture that makes Chez Flo a unique fit.

“We’re a big family,” Flo says about the other food trucks at the park. “I’m very thankful to be part of Klyde Warren Park. We are there to do what we do best—to cook some French food.”

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