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From Wear and Tear to Brand New

Lindsey LeJeune

Heads up, Park-goers - the Ginsburg Family Great Lawn will be closing on Monday, April 30th. Michael Gaffney, Senior Vice President at Operations of Klyde Warren Park, shares the necessary reasons for the lawn closure and when Dallasites can enjoy the lawn again!

Q: What is the square footage of grass in the Park?
The Ginsburg Family Great Lawn is 29,500 square feet. The East Lawn totals 17,500 square feet.

Q: What type of grass covers the lawn?
Hybrid Bermuda Grass, also known as ‘TifTuff’

Q: Approximately how many events are hosted at the Park per year?
Approximately 100 events take place at the Park per year.

Q: Why is it necessary to re-sod the lawn and how many times per year does it take place?
The Ginsburg Family Great Lawn is re-sodded each year in May due to the heavy foot traffic it endures by over one million visitors throughout the year. Bermuda takes some time to emerge from the winter period, too long for us at the Park due to the high use, so it’s best to just re-sod and re-open the lawn in a three-week time frame for the spring/summer season.

Q: When does the lawn close and when will it reopen?
The lawn closes Monday, April 30th and will re-open it for Memorial Day weekend. The East Lawn will be re-sodded in June once we have opened the Ginsburg Family Great Lawn.

Despite the lawn closure, visitors can still enjoy the East Lawn, Children’s Park, My Best Friend’s Park and food trucks. There is still so much to explore so visit the Park and have a blast!

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