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Lindsey LeJeune

Tired of the same old dinner-and-a-movie date on Valentine’s Day? Why not make Cupid’s big day suitable for a big-screen romance? Klyde Warren Park offers romantic backdrops that would make a rom-com producer swoon. Here are 10 perfect spots at KWP where you can pen your own romantic screenplay. So, FADE IN and imagine…

10. Zumba class. Instructor Gabby will lead her weekly class from 6:00-7:00 p.m. on Feb. 14. Yes, it’s exercise, but if Will Smith does a “Hitch” sequel, this could be a perfect setting for a “meet-cute.”

9. Dog park. Are you telling me if the Klyde Warren Park dog park was in existence in 1995, somehow Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan wouldn’t have had repartee there? Of course, they would.

8. Food trucks. Okay, the Jon Favreau-directed indie favorite, “Chef,” wasn’t a romance. Then again, maybe it was. It was just a romance about incredible-looking sandwiches and food trucks. The lesson – a good Cubano will never leave you lonely on a Saturday night.

7. Release your inner super spy. Hearts in the Park presented by Nissan is KWP’s annual Valentine’s Day celebration. The event takes place on Saturday, Feb. 10, this year and will include a special screening of the very first James Bond film, “Dr. No.” Remember in “Catch Me If You Can” how Leo DiCaprio mimicked 007’s smooth moves to woo Jennifer Garner? Just sayin… 

6. Moonlight on the Great Lawn. Looking for a spot to re-enact Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling’s sunset dance in “La La Land?” You could pick a worse spot than Klyde Warren Park's Great Lawn under the moonlight.

5. Savor the Park. Jude Law’s 2004 remake of “Alfie” wasn’t very memorable – but he did meet future significant other Sienna Miller on the set as they filmed in front of Central Park’s Tavern on the Green. Perhaps dinner at Savor could lead to similar results?

4. Reading Room. Nothing romantic can happen when two people are sitting trying to read, right? Except when George Peppard proclaims his love for Audrey Hepburn in “Breakfast at Tiffany’s.” So, put the phone down, head to the reading room, and pick up a book.

3. Imagination Playground. Can two single people, each with small children, find love while trying to keep up with the rambunctious children? Please see George Clooney and Michelle Pfeiffer in “One Fine Day.”

2. Lonely Hearts Quiz Night. Valentine’s Day can be tough if you're single. We learned that in the 2010 movie “Valentine’s Day,” which starred everyone from Julia Roberts to Bradley Cooper to Taylor Swift. Luckily, Savor is going to try to help you make that love connection with their “Lonely Heart Quiz Night.” It’ll take place on Feb. 14 from 5-7 pm.

1. Skyline 360 Tours With DCFA. Okay, of all romantic comedy tropes, perhaps there is none more common than that of the lonely male architect – see, “The Lake House” (Keanu Reeves), “The Last Kiss” (Zach Braff), “Three To Tango” (Matthew Perry), “Sleepless In Seattle” (Tom Hanks), “My Super Ex-Girlfriend” (Luke Wilson), “Love Actually” (Liam Neeson), “Just Like Heaven” (Mark Ruffalo)and “It’s Complicated” (Steve Martin). Oh, and the aforementioned Michelle Pfeiffer in “One Fine Day”… an architect. In fact, according to the AV Club, it’s the second-most common profession in the romantic comedy genre, trailing only bakers. So, when the Dallas Center for Architecture gathers for its tour of the Dallas skyline on Feb. 12 at 12:30 p.m., love should be in the all-around. Wait, that’s the name of a Troggs song… that was used in “Love Actually?” Dang, architects.

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