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Maristella Feustle opens Ideas in Bloom Series

Lauren Smart

Most days you can find Maristella Feustle in the University of North Texas library. In the past few years, she's been combining her love for music with a healthy amount of research, working on faculty at UNT in the library's music special collections. By night, Maristella can be found playing in one of her two bands. 

"Every first Tuesday I play in a Django Reinhardt band in Denton," Maristella says in our phone conversation. "Out here, I also play in another group that is the most ecletic group I've ever been in, we play Irish jigs and reels, video game music, some jazz, rock tunes and everything in between." 

But Thursday, September 12 at 12:15 p.m. you will find Maristella and her guitar in the Reading & Games Room hosting the first Ideas in Bloom conversation of the fall. She will giving a lecture and demonstration about two guitar legends who had a connection to Dallas, Blind Lemon Jefferson and Robert Johnson. 

Both musicians contributed to the development of what Maristella calls "country blues." Robert Johnson launched his career performing on street corners and eventually recorded many of his famous songs in 508 Park Avenue, the studio currently under restoration in downtown Dallas. Blind Lemon Jefferson has been dubbed "Father of the Texas Blues," and Maristella notes that he had a style very distinct from anyone else, as a solo guitarist who accompanied himself.

"I chose those two to talk about because it's interesting that with similar roots they had such divergent paths," Maristella says. "Throughout the talk, I will be demonstrating examples of the music."

For more information about Ideas in Bloom and Maristella's talk click here.