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 Learn more about the Creative Arts Center and take a look at their schedule of classes here!

Monday, March 13, 12 - 2 PM

Sarah Janece is an artist currently residing in Dallas, Texas. She works primarily in watercolor to create unique wildlife portraits and nature inspired paintings. Sarah’s work is influenced by her passion for art, attraction to color, and love for nature’s beauty. The energetic movements in her organic abstractions, along with vivid colors, and a focus on intricate detailing allows her work to capture nature in both literal and abstract ways. 

Activity - Get Wild with Watercolor 

Create your own experimental watercolor artwork! You will learn how to blend colors, discover fun techniques like wet-on-wet, and even incorporate splash and splatter effects


Wednesday, March 15, 12 - 2 PM  

Rami Ackerman is a multimedia artist and educator from Dallas, TX, with a Bachelor of Arts degree from Columbia College Chicago. Rami has been teaching music and visual art since 2014, and has worked on art, design, and creative direction projects for companies such as Dolfin Records, Zildjian, Lone Star Darkroom, East Dallas Guitar Repair, and more. 

Activity – Blooming Paper Flowers 

Celebrate the coming of Spring at the park! Learn how to create your very own colorful flowers out of construction paper. You will be able to customize your bouquet-worthy creation in honor of the new season. 


Friday, March 17, 12 - 2 PM

Nelson Cruhigger of Boriken Creativo - Dallas-based Hispanic community artist and advocate working to help promote cultural awareness, heighten citizen understanding of art forms and celebrate the culture and traditions of Puerto Rico and Hispanic sister countries. Our focus, and passion, is to promote cultural literacy, community cohesion, and accessible arts education, through knowledge and appreciation of Hispanic countries’ culture, diversity, music, dance and art. 

Activity - Vejigante Paper Puppets, Masks & Hand Fans 

Create a Vejigante-inspired paper puppet, mask, or fan! During the activity, learn about the culture of Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic, and Cuba. A vejigante is a folkloric character in Puerto Rican festival celebrations, mainly seen during Carnival time. Traditional colors of the Vejigantes were green, yellow, and red or red and black. The term vejigante derives from the words vejiga (bladder) and gigante (giant) due to custom of blowing up and painting cow bladders. The masks are often linked to festivals that continue today, especially in Loíza and Ponce (Puerto Rico). The activity will be conducted in English and Spanish for an enriching bilingual experience.




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