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Soulgood is an innovative vegan takeout restaurant with its new flagship restaurant located in Denton, TX. We are also plant-based food truck, vegan bakery and catering company. We serve organic vegan fast foods using locally sourced ingredients, local suppliers and sustainable practices.

Our mission is to save the planet, animals and people - one plate at a time. We work to cause as little harm to the environment and humans as possible. We believe we can serve healthy, meatless and tasty foods to adults and children across America conveniently using sustainable processes and locally sourced organic ingredients. Why? Because we understand you care about the environment, the planet, animals and sustainable food sources just like us. More meat eaters are searching for healthier food options without having to sacrifice taste and Soulgood was created to meet that challenge. We serve food with integrity that you can eat without regret and do good. #begood

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