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Woodall Rodgers Park: Making Space Out of Thin Air

by KERA Arts & Seek - Gail Sacshon

At Monday’s Ground Making ceremony of the Woodall Rodgers Deck Park, Mayor Tom Leppert proclaimed  it a great day for Dallas and applauded the city’s “can-do spirit.” Jody Grant, Woodall Rodgers Park Board Chairman, explained that the ceremony was ground making and not ground breaking because, “we are making space out of thin air.”

...we are making space out of thin air...

Jody Grant

In the planning stage for five years, the park will  be built above the freeway and stretch over eight lanes of  traffic from Pearl to St. Paul. It is envisioned to be an urban oasis of “growth, leisure, vitality, beauty, entertainment, discovery, peace and tranquility.”

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