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Keeping Pesky Mosquitoes Out of Klyde Warren Park

Michael Gaffney

(Originally published August 29, 2013)

Since opening day we have been very proactive at Klyde Warren Park about managing mosquitoes. Because the park is an outdoor venue mosquitoes can ruin your picnic, an exercise class or the evening concert you waited all week to attend.

In the park you can find honey bees, butterflies and other beneficial insects. With these creatures in mind, we have taken a planned approach to manage mosquitoes. While many metroplex cities are managing the adult mosquito population with overnight spraying and fogging, here at the park we have a more controlled environment and have chosen “vector” control.

Our primary control tactic is to eliminate any standing water throughout the park, as this is the primary location for adult mosquitoes to lay their eggs. By controlling the eggs we control the larvae, which reduces the adult population.

Adult mosquitos like to hang out in moist environments, like landscape mulch and the landscape itself. To help further reduce the adult mosquito population throughout the park we spray a natural product that is primarily made up of rosemary oil and other plant extract essential oils, plus vanilla. Not only does it make the park smell great it has been very effective in managing our mosquito population. These applications are made a minimum of once per month, this frequency is determined by monitoring the mosquito population and the weather. The more it rains, the more frequent we make the application.

While I can’t guarantee there are no mosquitoes at Klyde Warren Park, I can guarantee that we are doing everything we can to minimize the risk of your day or evening being ruined by them.

See you in the park,  

Michael Gaffney
Vice President of Operations

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