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Heard Around the Park: Meet Gaby, a Klyde Warren Park Program Partner

Klyde Warren Park

Ever wonder about the stories heard around the park? Every day new memories are made in this vibrant central location that knits the urban fabric and families together through energetic and illustrious activities.

Each week leading up to North Texas Giving Day, we’ll share a new story from people whose lives have been influenced by the park and hear why you should “heart” the park, too.

This week, meet Gaby, our longest standing program partner. Each Wednesday, her free Zumba class is attended by over 30 loyal participants, on average. Hear as she tells us why she loves teaching in the park. 

Why did you choose to teach a class here at the park?

I always dreamed of teaching a class in a beautiful, open, public space, and when I heard there was an opening I jumped. I wanted an opportunity to bring Zumba to everyone, not just a select group of people with a gym membership.

I wanted to teach a class that brought people from all walks of life together because that's what I think Zumba is all about. I taught a Zumba class at the park's Grand Opening and have been teaching a class every Wednesday since!

What is the best thing about teaching Zumba in the park?

I love being able to bring fitness and fun to the community in the city's most beautiful space. It is a workout with a view. I love that on any given day we can form a flash mob from people just passing by and joining in. The park is open to all, so every class is an adventure, you never know what you are going to get! 

How has teaching in the park positively impacted your regular attendees?

We have created a family in the Zumba crew at Klyde Warren Park. It’s a very friendly space. I have people who have been attending for five years, and I have people who are in town for only a few days, and then I have people just passing by and joining up. Throughout the years, I have seen participants forge long-lasting friendships with each other, and I also see them welcoming newbies week after week. 

What has your experience been like working with the Klyde Warren Park team?

Everyone at Klyde Warren Park loves being a part of this wonderful place that brings so many people together. Every person on the team has a love and dedication to the community and is committed to making sure each visitor to the park has a positive experience. 

What would you say to someone about why they should support the park?

Klyde Warren Park has become one of Dallas' biggest attractions in the short time it’s been around. It offers culture, entertainment, fitness, fine dining, play areas for the kids, and so much more.

The park brings people together, not only from the DFW metroplex, but from all over the world. It is a space where I see people fostering connections, not only in my class but throughout the park.

The park gives so much to so many people that we all need to do our part to keep it going. I've been working with Klyde Warren Park since its inception, and I don't think people realize how much man power it takes to run it. There is a whole team of people working hard every day to keep it running and to give all that amazing programming back to the community for free. The park deserves to get a little love back.

Klyde Warren Park is dedicated to enriching the lives of park patrons, bridging the surrounding neighborhoods and the region's multitude of cultures and remaining active through free programming and educational opportunities each year.

To show your support, consider a donation to the park on North Texas Giving Day. During North Texas Giving Day, we are gearing up to raise $20,000 to match with long-time supporter and food truck enthusiast Jon Wagner’s gift.

Donate at NorthTexasGivingDay.org between Thursday, September 7 and Thursday, September 14 to double the impact of our $20,000 matching gift and increase the fun as we explore new ways to enjoy the exclusive opportunities that the park has to offer.

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