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David Lee

Fried Chicken and Waffles. Buttered French Toast. Baked Apple. 

Your mama’s southern home cookin’? Nope.

They’re some of the most popular ice cream flavors you’ll find at Coolhaus (say it: Cool House)—one of Klyde Warren Park’s hottest (or coolest?) food trucks. 

The Coolhaus truck has been a creamy-treat fixture at the park for more than five years, attracting both Dallas locals and out-of-towners. Even in the wintertime, seasonal flavors such as Eggnog and Pumpkin Spice, along with different options of hot chocolate, keep people coming back. Brown Butter Gingerbread Man, Coffee Oreo and Strawberry Mojito Sorbet are just a few other unique flavors too otherworldly not to try.

The eclectic flavors can be paired with your favorite cookie to create Coolhaus’ must-have treat, the ice cream sandwich (aka “sammie”). Gary Torres, the operator and franchisee of the truck, says most people choose their favorite combinations such as the chocolate chip vanilla, but anyone can try one of the Coolhaus original creations.

If you’re not yet ambitious enough to go for the Brown Butter Candied Bacon or Whiskey Lucky Charms, there are always traditional ice cream flavors to smoosh between two fresh cookies. Spring seasonal flavors are right around the corner. You may even catch a tease announcement on Twitter (@COOLHAUS) or Instagram (@coolhaus) of flavors to come. And thanks to the edible, eco-friendly wrappers (yes, you can eat the wrappers, too), you don’t have to worry about the ice cream melting all over you when the Texas heat returns. “They are made of a potato starch, and they help absorb the ice cream if it melts,” Gary says about the wrappers. “You basically eat the whole thing, and it helps reduce waste.”

Coolhaus’s architecture-inspired brand meshes perfectly with the Dallas Arts District. The company’s founders were Southern California architecture students intrigued with the idea of welding architecture with food. That’s why many sammie creations are named after famous architects or architecture terms. The Snickerdoodle and Salted Caramel is nicknamed “Cara-Mia Lehrer” after Salvadorian-American landscape architect Mia Lehrer. If minimalism is more your design style, order a “Mintimalism”— simply a scoop of Dirty Mint Chip ice cream between two double chocolate chip cookies. 

Gary says many people are familiar with the architecture brand and the rich art culture in and surrounding the park. “We’re right there next to the Nasher Sculpture Center, the Perot Museum, so it resonates pretty well being in the Arts District.”

The Coolhaus truck is parked at the park Thursdays through Sundays. “The atmosphere is great,” Gary says about being at Klyde Warren Park. “They do a lot of events on the weekends. It’s become such a tourist location with people from all over the place that visit Dallas, and the park is one of the places they always go.”

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