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Klyde Warren Park - An Architectural Masterpiece

Lindsey LeJeune

Klyde Warren Park sits atop a layer of concrete and soil suspended above eight lanes of Highway 75. In laymen’s terms, it’s an architectural masterpiece. That’s exactly what the American Institute of Architects (AIA) thinks, too. AIA announced Klyde Warren Park, designed by OJB Landscape Architecture (OJB), as the recipient of the 2018 Collaborative Achievement Award.

“We are truly honored to receive the 2018 AIA Collaborative Achievement Award, especially since it honors projects that are the result of collaboration. Klyde Warren Park is the ultimate in collaboration not only in the vision to create it but also in the way it was designed and now how it operates,” said Tara Green, President of Klyde Warren Park. “It is a great example of a successful public private partnership to build it and now to operate it. The Park is publically owned but privately managed and our ongoing success depends on the collaboration of our neighbors and program partners to provide more than 1,300 free programs and events annually.”

OJB Founder and President, James Burnett, FASLA, said, "We are honored to receive this prestigious award from the AIA. A project of this scale takes close collaboration with many groups. We teamed with great partners that shared our vision to knit downtown back together by way of this important park."

The Park has had a strong economic impact on the downtown district, creating new development sites and increased density near the park. The park's adjacent area has seen over $1 billion in new developments since its opening in 2012.  Environmentally, this LEED Gold-certified Park sequesters approximately 18,500 pounds of carbon dioxide annually and intercepts over 25,000 gallons of stormwater runoff and maintains a strong native plant palette. Klyde Warren Park has become an integral and endeared open space in the fabric of Downtown Dallas.

Klyde Warren Park has transformed the city of Dallas by bridging the gap between Uptown and Downtown, but it connects so much more. The Park links generations, cultures and demographics alike. As the “front lawn of Dallas,” Klyde Warren Park is an icon and will continue to serve its city for years to come.

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